I want to start off by apologizing on the sudden disappearance of all that was encompassed in Dolling Passion. I especially regret the fact that the idea of Dolling University seems it will never be realized - at least in the near future. I had a lot of hope in that project, and hopefully the project will be taken up again - in different shapes or forms, maybe by different people.

The reasons of the site's disappearance is just the fact that ads are popping up everywhere and a site that hosts with few pop-up ads or no ads doesn't exist, or last for a long time. Breezeland has closed or is down, and usually is. The short URL link creates many ads - a lot that save cookies onto your computer or who knows what else. Also, I should go back and concentrate on other things for a while. This means: no more dolling.

I want to express my extreme appreciation for all who supported me and the site, encouraging me to go on dolling. All those - especially those who followed the terms and conditions - I thank from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully, one day I will have some web space for Dolling Passion and Dolling University, and then you all can go visit it again.

Best wishes to everyone in the dolling community!

I have lost control of the email addresses: dollingpassion@hotmail.com.nospam and dollinguniversity@hotmail.com.nospam. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY EMAILS FROM THESE ADDRESSES! They are not from me, and who knows what's in the emails!

As for my bases and dolls, please note that they are still copyrighted to me (as law says, they will as long as I live PLUS 70 years) so please remember to credit me if you have adopted any dolls (you cannot alter these) or bases.